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I specialize the evaluation and treatment of:
Articulation and Phological Disorders
Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Language Delay/Disorders
Pragmatic/Social Language Disorders
Parent Training

I am a contracted in-network provider with the following organizations:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

ODS/Moda Health

Pacific Source

Here's what parents have to say:

"Our four year-old daughter, Lauren, has been working with Pam for one year.  Pam came highly recommended through our speech therapist at the Clackamas ESD.  It is no surprise why.  Pam is gifted in many ways; she has the innate ability to teach Lauren through fun and age appropriate games and crafts.  Her-50 minute session feels more like a playdate with "teacher Pam" than actual work!  Pam is very warm, friendly, and approachable for kids of all ages.  She is always on time and prepared with relative material that suits Lauren's needs.  Her patience is only one of several gifts that she brings to her occupation.  Because of this, Lauren does not feel pressure nor anxiety in her therapy.  I have appreciated the fact that I can sit-in on Lauren's sessions.  For me, developing a partnership with Pam has become a very important factor in Lauren's learning curve."

/// Andrea S.

Pam Dahm has been the single most vital and effective contributor to our daughter's speech progress and development in her life. There is no doubt in my mind that without Pam, our daughter would not be anywhere near where she is today. We started weekly speech therapy sessions four years ago when my daughter, Ava, was not yet 2. At the time, amongst many other gaps, my daughter couldn't even say "mom" yet. It was in a therapy session with Pam, where my daughter first did. Throughout the years, Pam has maintained a seemingly endless depth of creativity that she pulls from to keep Ava engaged, learning, and progressing on her goals. And she has been tireless in her pursuit of helping Ava to reach these goals. Her persistence and determination is exactly what our daughter needed. Pam does not give up. Ever. And as Ava's needs have changed (speech delays, receptive and expressive communication gaps, social communication skills), Pam has changed with her, flexing her style or tools or methods to get through to Ava and keep pushing her forward in her development. I have always appreciated how Pam has a seemingly endless toolbox to pull from and how she continues to educate herself with the latest thinking and methods of speech pathology. But mostly, it is her obvious passion for her work and commitment to your child that sets her apart from others.

Pam has improved our daughter's life forever and for the better. We count our blessings that we found her.

/// Shannon H.

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